Decisions…today is a day of de-cisions!

I enter upon unknown land and linger at the river of time!
I care to listen and read!
I think and act consciously!
I respect and I pass on!
I give with love!


© by *Sonnenreisende*


Today is the 28th of February, 2006, my name is Birgit Seefeldt, I AM born, in the Maya sign of the Cauak – KIN 59 – on the skywalker-wave under the 7th tone…..on the 11th of June, 1953 I came to this earth und so many of you know me now as *sonnenreisende*. Always different and thinking in new ways, I have been asked by emails, to write my words to the so-called Avian-Flu.

Those born on the skywalker-wave have come here to do a lot. And that is exactly how I perceive it! The highly changing and visionary creative forces are flooding these Wave-Fields…and I can say a lot about that too!

What touches us at the moment here in Germany and in Europe and even Worldwide………the so-called Avian-Flu. I’m a total amateur when it comes to the medical points of view which are being stated and as you know me – at the moment, this is not important to ME and the same goes for the Masses, the Media and their stories…they are totally unimportant to ME. Of course, we need inFORMation, but this is not always healthy for us…it is rather making us sick!

Choose healthy inFORMation….even Paracelsus….FORMulated:

VITALITY is not locked into the human…
But rather, it radiates from him, around him, like a glowing sphere and can work into the distance.
The Imagination of a human can work through these half-materialistic beams….
these radiations can make you either sick or healthy.


I just phoned with a dear friend of mine, who lives on the Island of Rügen. What he said to me really caught my attention: “Birgit, cameras are being put on everything that is moving! (who is putting us on???) We on Rügen live from the Tourists but all I hear is “cancellations”!

I know now, for some years, that everything is produced by us humans, which I have written about on my internet site:    If you have any questions, go look there first!

I have read the Reports by Dr. Stefan Lanka and also from Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke, just like many of you have…and that’s good! Their information is very important and healthy; we all must be respectful and aware.

All my life I have had respect from animals, as I grew up on a Farm with many different Life forms from the animal world and I can say, I love animals!

For a few years now, I work amongst other things, with a Colour-Therapy called Aura-Soma and also with Systematic-Solutions Therapy (Family-constellations, Family-Systems)…With all of my heart I feel connected to this work and with great joy I go, time and time again, NEW WAYS, because nothing is ever the way it was to-day. And so I went a new way today, to finally see my buzzing thoughts in my head become tangible. This is exactly what I want to report on:

I met with a co-worker, Eva Bauer, who knows me, my work and my thoughts. I asked her to help me with a Systematic-Constellation Formation. I wanted to Form-Up the Avian-Flu. I wanted to see, WHAT wanted to be seen.

I watched the PRO-cess begin and I saw how my co-worker rapidly moved to the Window and looked outside, soon after she became angry almost furious and could have ripped apart everything in her way – mainly she just wanted to stir up everything! (De-struction)

I left the room and came back again as *any human being*…I saw the “so-called” Avian-Flu, who called itself AGI-TATOR, but the AGI-TATOR didn’t take any interest in me (the human being).

(In my research after writing this I looked up the word “agitator” and found the meaning: “putting into motion (by shaking or stirring)”.)

Yes, it wanted to be called “AGI-TATOR” and also to be written this way!! (I will use the sign *** for the so-called Avian-Flu from NOW, so you will only read *dotdotdot*) Maybe I am also a medium for this “AGI-TATOR”, so that it can tell the human beings all about it’s self.

Then I left the room again and came as Cat/Dog…*** didn’t show any interest again, it didn’t even look at us, all the while Cat/Dog looked at *** with understanding. This might be a very important point for any Cat or Dog owner…

At no point did the *** know in what role I was in when I came into the ROOM.

I changed my role again and came back as chicken/chickens. I immediately got a very loving look and even as the chicken/chickens did I feel very happy to see ***. We smiled at each other and *** said, “I am only doing this for you” and I as Chicken understood that right away and smiled thankfully. YES, it was totally clear that I would leave this earth through ***. We looked at each other for a long time and there was a feeling of great CLARITY and serenity.

*** said: “I have always existed, I have always been around!”

We know that – everything is already here, but it only pre-sents (breaks-out) its self if we humans put energy *into* it, or if it is necessary.

….*** spoke: “But I never had to do anything, but now it’s time, I am paying them back, they cant do this to you!”

It is important to know, that the “AGI-TATOR” usually only *takes care* of the unloved chicken,
there, where no one really cares and loves for them. Let me make the point also,
this can affect us as well, if WE humans don’t change the way we treat each
other…we should really think about this now!

Let us see to it that we find peace and change our consciousness. EVERYONE!!!
I am sure…if our consciousness changes – the “AGI-TATOR” will find its peace again!!!



I asked a third person to come into the room, to be the role of the human-race. This person came in and laughed and sang the Song *Mensch* (from the german singer Herbert Grönemeyer). I just read through the lyrics and found two very interesting passages:

…and the human is called human
because he forgets, because he suppresses (pushes away)!

…and the human is called human
because he gets things wrong, because he fights! 

The human, yes the human….who do we think we are? So, today, as a chicken, I didn’t feel like being with the humans…but I felt very happy with *** and very comfort-able. Our third person made jokes, laughed and sat himself on the couch!

(I now told my co-worker….in what role she was in. *** breathed deeply!)

I really didn’t want to hear the jokes of the humans (the third person), typically human, I thought…they only think of them selves. The human talked about the eggs that he shouldn’t eat, of intensive livestock farming, of Domestic Animals and Pets and whole lot other things related to chickens, and he spoke about Vegetarians, who claim to be against Mass live farming and breading. As a Chicken…I wasn’t very happy about the Vegetarians either.

From another Systematic-Formation – The Pigs – I can say, those who eat meat, respect the animals! These animals came on earth to be used as nourishment: They are happy when they have a loving environment, conscious “Living Space”, and normal slaughter – with the Message….what is about to happen and then, they don’t mind giving us humans their meat as a blessing to the Human beings. Who ever stood as a Pig in a systematic-formation, knows how *happy* they are and how thankful they are for our hunger.

But first…all I heard was Vegetarian. I stood closer to the *** and felt – THIS is good for me. HERE is the place where I am understood, and that is what I wanted – to be understood.

I felt very clearly, that I wanted to be free; I saw very clearly, how I ran around a yard, even crawling through a door to a corridor and happily clucking away. This is a place where I am cared for with love, where I can just run around between other animals….THAT was good! I was HOME! I also felt how I was kept locked and standing on a little wire, so very clearly, and that was very painful! I turned to the *** and told it, how bad I felt and how badly the humans are treating me, tears poured out of me….

*** cried as well and told me – “I will look after you so that you won't have to sit in your own shit anymore”….and I felt an unbelievable thankfulness. Yes, exactly, again this feeling that it is ok to leave the earth this way. Everything is better….then being treated like this (here)!

Animals have the same rights here on earth as humans do to have their


The human race has to finally learn, and understand, that I want to live a normal life…to lay eggs and when the time comes, to be slaughtered and be eaten. I just want to be seen as a good animal again….and not be kept in a mass battery cage, bred for roasted chicken, who will then be mass-slaughtered and be sold to/from humans, who often only think about their profits. There is nothing normal about this! (The human has gotten it wrong!)

The *** complained mostly about the Profits. Chickens are living organisms!

All eatable animals want to be loved; they want to be loved just as domestic animals are being loved. Even our domestic animals are Pets and want to be loved, that is what they are lacking!


And then there are also enough humans who don’t even
like animals – they JUST want to EAT them….
there is a lot to work on here!!!!


It is important to state, that the AGI-TATOR – ONLY- attacks the unloved chicken. And this is exactly where our fearful thinking gets us the worst. The precaution taken by the State and Government etc. is holding up the safety measures for the free-range chicken…for all chicken, for every kind of chicken-farming! But this precaution is based on Fear and Panic.

In the Book from Louise L. Hay (Heal your body) under “Viral-Infections” I found the following: Probable cause: Missing happiness, Bitterness! Who can then NOT understand the chicken making the de-cision to leave like this? A new way of thinking would be, for us humans: By letting go of the past NEWness, Freshness (note: juicy, lean meat) and Vitality can happen. I allow life to flow through me!


…..the only thing YOU need is love!

HEARTs opening from human to human and to all animals!

… especially for *the ones* who have been domesticated by humans, who have been given less and less love over the last years. Chicken, Pig, Beef….


Chicken and *** who totally understand each other, never mentioned panic, fear or anxiousness.


Now, I have been working with Systematic-Constellations and Formations for many years now and for some of you, some things might be new and uncommon here, and for others it is totally clear. Yes, we can make Formations with humans, animals, feelings, countries….just to name a few. Just watch YOUR own feelings while reading my words!


My co-worker took the whole thing in her hands now and placed a cushion beside me (I was still in the role of the chicken). I swiftly looked in that direction and knew, that that was the AGI-TATOR, which was where I felt comfortable, it understands me.

She left the room and came back in the role of something else. I felt it….but I didn’t look at it. With *** I have my peace! This is where I feel understood!!!

She spoke….and I heard something, but I couldn’t understand it at all….I saw her very very far away.

Words like, “I see you and I also see the AGI-TATOR” took my notice and my glance left *** a bit, until I fixed my eyes right between the other person and ***.

I listened, yes, I listened, here was a human who took me seriously, who understood me, and I felt that. This human spoke of Kits, Pigs, Dogs, Cats, and that he loved all of them….even the lice on the flowers. I could hear more and better and I felt something change in the distance between us…there was a sort of closeness happening.

Then the human said: “I am Birgit, Birgit Seefeldt and I understand you! I understand your torment and what you really want.” That sounded even better and my gaze slowly wandered to this woman. I could believed what she said…and I heard…”maybe I can help you, maybe I can write.” Yes, this thought was a good thought!

I changed my role now….I felt now how I felt toward the AGI-TATOR and the chicken.

Yes, I looked lovingly and friendly at the AGI-TATOR and the chicken…Tears poured out of me and out of the chicken. I knew now, YES, I will start writing TODAY for the chicken, especially for YOU chickens and for your life space. Of course with this, I also mean many of the mentioned animals as well.

The Chicken looked at the Aura-Soma poster in my work-room and I asked: “do you know Aura-Soma?”. The chicken answered:

….”Living Space is more important then Aura-Soma”

But after a few minutes the Chicken took interest in the colours. I went and got the poster and showed it to the chicken. I asked: “are these chickens????” The chicken answered: “yes, looks like chicken on a wire!”

Which bottle could help the Chickens?.... (and also the human to change his thinking?) the Chicken thought and made the clear and quick decision for:

Aura-Soma Equilibrium Oil 54     Serapis Bey

CLEAN-sing and DE-TOX-ification on all levels!

Nothing is more important then Clarity!


(I know…I know)

I always like to call this bottle the clear one

When do I need Serapis Bey….as oil or quintessence?

When I need clarity in my thinking, when I want to free my self from baggage to be
able to transform experienced grief and pain.
(Avian-Flu/Fear from)


..To come out of darkness,
(Animal-cruelty, which I support every time I eat a bite of the meat of unloved meat)

And to find the path back into the light. obliterating mass live stock farming and daringly think in new ways to discover LOVE-ING Chicken-breading, for LOVE-LEY animal lives of the so-called domestic animals.


Difficulties show the human the chance to change
…All animals learn again to see from a different POINT-OF-VIEW!


Serapis Bey is a CLEAR support with transforming our own fears

And what is totally CLEAR is….WE humans are here to learn – EVERY ONE –
without exception EVERY ONE….

Certainly not to fall into fear and panic or to pay our attention to the mass media.

Too many humans don’t see that THEY should learn something here as well,
because they are such *great and smart guys* and WE don’t have to learn anything.

We have everything, we get everything and we let them do anything with us.

It is up to EVERY human, it is up to EVERY action and thought!

Rather go through the world CONSCIOUSLY and CONSCIOUSLY love *ALL* animals!

….and for the Aura-Soma bottle 70  because of the beauuuutifull EGG yellow!

The *smart chicken* sees everything….EGG yellow in Aura-Soma!

Vision…VISIONS…do chicken have visions, wishes, hopes – perhaps just like us humans? I can imagine that very well! …and I like to eat half of a chicken or chicken soup, but I will think in a NEW way, I am totally sure of that….When I cook myself a chicken soup I will look at the chicken-farmer very precisely! Not out of fear of ***, for sure not, but out of respect for animal-farming! I am going to set a sign, and start, as with everything – with my self because this is the only place where I can start.

Splendor….Visions of  Splendor – that is the name of this Aura-Soma bottle – yellow over clear…chicken, domestic animals have hopes and also Visions…..I am sure! And so be it!

The Crown of Creation is the Human, or at least that is what he thinks, but is it really so?

Any kind of Religion is kept out of my points of VIEW!


….and now for 87    because there are also brown eggs.

…brown or white – a repeated question by every EGG buyer

The brown egg is preferred over the white one!
What do we humans associate with the white EGG?
Breakfast EGG?

What do we associate with the brown one?????????? The masses ??

Aura-Soma Bottle 87…..unrequited Love!!!!

How smart are Chicken, what do they feel, what do Pigs, Cows, Gees and Ducks feel, who towards mass-animal-breading who have been *chosen* for the Christmas-feast?



…in the meantime I am reading in the internet. It seems to be going over to the mammals now…

Is it because we aren’t just falling into panic, like many would have wished for, like the Pharmaceutical Industries? All of the medicine, that perhaps won’t be needed now after all???? All of the spent millions for nothing?

If only we humans would look a bit outside of our plates!

For me, these hours have been sheer moving! Perhaps in the next few days more thoughts will be added. I will see! I will send out my thoughts throughout the world and I ask ALL of you, to pass on my words, if it feels right to you.

Do it! Take Action!

Energetically I am connecting myself NOW with the AGI-TATOR and will tell him that my words are written….especially for our chicken, for a life in peace and freedom, and of course, this peace is also for our Gees, Ducks, Swans and Birds and all of the animals on this earth. It is up to us humans NOW, what we are going to make out of this, if we will stay calm and peaceful with what may come in the future, if we can keep the energetic clarity , if we can move with this new energy and can take it in us…to change….we will see. At the moment I am also thinking very intensely of the Tahiti Noni Juice, maybe THIS will become more important for us Humans and animals, then he already is. But I am speaking only of the Tahiti Noni Juice….not from any other *copied version*! We are all originals….let us act this way as well!

There is one thing a 100% sure, for me:

I AM…present!

Let us all activate, together, our Creative energies NOW!

On your mark…get set and GO!

All our helpers from the spiritual world are supporting us!


With heartfelt wishes